Today we are pleased to announce an exciting new feature for ello.

Do you use Skype™ to talk with friends, family members, teammates and prospects? Well, by choosing ello as your work communications tool, you now have the ability to connect ello with your Skype™ contacts. This enables all ello users to easily contact their Skype connections as well as take advantage of the global reach of Skype™ with hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

If you are already subscribed to ello, you don’t need to do anything to start using this handy new feature. Simply click Add a contact not in my organization > Add Skype™ contact and enter your Skype™ Microsoft login details. If you need help with this, visit the ello website.

Don’t forget, ello is currently in your eStore at a fantastic promo price; so there is no better time to recommend ello to your teammates. Be quick, this promo will not last long.