AuraMallRussiaF1Russian QNET networkers converged on the Marussia F1 Show Car positioned inside the Aura Mall in Novosibirsk in a demonstration of absolute V-power this week.

QNET is taking the Marussia F1 Show Car is finishing a tour of Russia that will end when it leaves the Aura Mall on 9 August.

Did you know that QNET’s customer base in Russia has more than tripled? Russia is now one of QNET’s top five markets!

Managing Director JR Mayer joined Joachim Steffen, QNET’s EU Regional Director, were also on tour with the Marussia Car, earlier stopping at the Yevropeyskiy Mall in the heart of Moscow.

The tour has had a dual purpose, Steffen explained. “Shoppers had the chance to get better acquainted with QNET,” he said. “And racing enthusiasts enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime, getting up close to an awesome piece of racing machinery.”

While racing enthusiasts were inspecting the Marussia F1 Car, the QNET executives held meetings with the regional network of QNET Independent Representatives.