If there is one thing that brings us together for sporting greatness, it’s music! Throughout the years, us avid football fans have been expressing our passion for the sport and our love for our favourite teams not just through our deafening chants and cheers in stadiums, sports bars and living rooms, but by singing beautifully written and emotion stirring anthems.

Starting with number 10 – Three Lions (Euro 1996) – Baddiel, Lightning Seed & Skinner, this is our top 10 list of the favourite football songs of all time and their YouTube music videos!

9. Can You Hear Me (Euro 2008) – Enrique Iglesias

8. Forca (Euro 2004) – Nelly Furtado

7. The Time of Our Lives (World Cup 2006) – Il Divo with Toni Braxton

6. Anthem (World Cup 2002) – Vangelis

5. Campione (Euro 2000) – E-Type

4. Endless Summer (Euro 2012) – Oceana

3. K’naan – Waving Flag (World Cup 2010)

2. La Copa de la Vida (World Cup 1998) – Ricky Martin

1. Shakira – Waka Waka (World Cup 2010)

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