9 Email Marketing Tips for QNET Independent RepresentativesEmail newsletters are a valuable tool for reaching out to your network and keeping in touch with network marketing prospects. Provided they open your email, that time spent looking at it is marketing gold. But it’s a big responsibility, people don’t give their email addresses to just anyone and when they do, they do not want that trust to be abused.

QNET Life Site takes much of the hassle out of email marketing by providing you with ready designed and written QNET email campaigns for many of our most popular brands. But even if you use QNET Life Site campaigns you may want to complement these with your own email newsletter. If this is you, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • 1. Make it easy for prospects to subscribe. QNET Life Site provides you with a landing page that you can direct prospects too and on which they are encouraged to submit their details. Likewise, you should offer a simple signup form wherever else your network is active whether online or offline. When you first meet someone, they might not be comfortable with making an immediate commitment but they will probably be curious enough to subscribe to your email newsletter.
  • 2. Tell your recipients what to expect. As an Independent Representative, you will most likely be sending occasional product and promo details, presentation dates, updates about your network and so on; tell them that. As well as what to expect, tell them how often to expect it too. Give enough information, so they can decide whether they want to subscribe or not. For example, be clear that the emails are about your personal network and not a global company (QNET); this will have more appeal.
  • 3. Welcome newcomers. People often have reservations about giving out their email address so sending an email to welcome new subscribers and remind them why they want to receive your emails is a good idea. A nice idea is to provide a reward be it content, a gift or a voucher that reinforces the great decision that they made.
  • 4. Be honest. To appear credible and remain in accordance with QNET guidelines, any email newsletter you create must distinguish you as an Independent Representative and not part of QNET. Trying to sound like the voice of QNET will confuse your readers and is dishonest. State clearly in the header, your name and role as an Independent Representative, this is also a good place to publicise your referrer ID. To cover all bases, we recommend that you include a disclaimer at the bottom of your newsletter along the lines of “The views expressed in this newsletter are my own and are not the views of QNET.” Read the QNET Social Media Policy for more information on what’s acceptable. A powerful tool to complement your own newsletter are QNET Life Site’s Email Campaigns which are official QNET marketing emails that we give you the right to distribute.
  • 5. Make it easy to read. Your recipients are busy people who no doubt already get a lot of email, so it’s guaranteed you won’t have their attention for long. Instead of one block, break up your content into short paragraphs with subheadings and several images to guide readers through the whole length of your email. Add a teaser to the top of your newsletter to tell subscribers what’s in store further down. Make your subject line to-the-point and easy to read as well.
  • 6. Make newsletter planning a regular activity. A regular newsletter is a long-term commitment. QNET Life Site can provide you with readymade campaigns for particular product lines but it is up to you to plan when each campaign is run and what additional email newsletters you might send. QNET Life Site allows you to schedule QNET campaigns as frequently as every day, but we recommend you use your judgement to ensure your contacts do not feel spammed or harassed. On the other hand, if you go several months without sending anything, your list may lose interest. Don’t send a newsletter if you don’t have anything to say, this is a sure way to produce a boring newsletter that will annoy your people.
  • 7. Take time to edit. Leave plenty of time for revising your newsletter. Once you hit sent, it goes straight to everyone’s inbox and you can’t get it back. Good newsletters contain meaningful content that your readers learn something from. Sloppy ones reflect badly on the people who send them.
  • 8. Do not spam. A lot of innocent people spam their hard earned newsletter subscribers because they don’t know better. Many countries have laws against spam. Generally, you’re allowed to send mass emails only to those who knowingly agreed to be on your list. If you collected email addresses from a presentation you gave, then you don’t have permission to add them to your list unless you made it clear at signup. Many countries also make it a legal requirement that an unsubscribe option be provided in any mass mail. Our Life Site campaigns include an unsubscribe option when sent, we strongly recommend that you do the same for any newsletter you create and distribute.
  • 9. Be friendly. Finally, we recommend that you use a conversational tone in your newsletters. Since emails tend to be written from one person to another, people are use to a casual more personal voice in emails. A tip is to include first names on your signup form, so that you can include them in your newsletter later greeting.
Reference: Kate Kiefer Lee. 15 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses. Forbes.com

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