Visit the full album of pics from the event for Team Unstoppable Unicorn in Jordan.


Let’s cross to Jordan and see what Unstoppable Unicorn is up to!  The team held a training event to start their own process to raise the bar higher.

The educational event was hosted by Odai Sharbaji and featured three prestigious speakers.

Majdi Mustafa spoke about creating success by loving what you do and doing it with passion. D. Dima Sorri shared her knowledge on the network marketing industry and explained how to conduct a powerful presentation. VEL Muhannad S Al Bdour explained why some people fail in network marketing and how to avoid those mistakes; he also advised the audience to get back to their dreams and the reasons why they are in the business in the first place.

The audience left the event with valuable knowledge, were inspired and roaring to go. Thank you for helping us on our journey to touching a billion hearts, Unstoppable Unicorn!


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