Just when you thought QNET in Malaysia has enough partying planned for this weekend, there is one added social event taking place to mark Merdeka (Malaysian Independence Day) and Raya (الرؤية).


But this event will be more about social responsibility than socialising with funds raised from attendees going to struggling families.

The event will kick off at Qi Tower in the early afternoon and will include a cultural performance from a group of local performing artists but the main event will be bit of formality as we give hampers stocked full of useful goodies to fifteen needy families.

QNET has linked up with these families through the heart warming work of Pertubuhan Perkhidmatan Sosial Dan Pembangunan Komuniti Daerah Gombak in Selangor (PSPK) which is a registered non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian, non-political society that rehabilitates and empowers individuals and local communities.

On the side of the event, QNET product demonstrations and sampling will take place with the event finishing just in time for the big one, being of course the huge 15th Anniversary Party.

All are welcome with arrival from Sunday, 8 September 2013, 14:00 at Qi Tower. #QNET #BILLIONHEARTS