BillionHearts_Launch_HL“Our legacy will be to touch a billion hearts” proclaimed QNET founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, at the 15th Anniversary gala event in Malaysia this evening.

To a large audience Dato’ Sri explained, “financial goals are important but instead of setting QNET’s sights on becoming a billion dollar company, we want to be a company that touches a billion hearts.” The financial goals will follow, he explained.

Already the company has touched nine million directly through it’s successful network marketing business, QNET, over the past 15 years.

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“Over the years, we have surmounted everything, all the naysayers, that came along the way and we are here today! We know we already have touched many through the people that have heard of us and the people that have benefited from our commitment to  improving communities.”

Tonight, QNET sets a new aspirational goal of touching not 9 million, not 100 million, but one billion hearts.

“The way we will touch a billion hearts will be in any way, subtle but sure. Not conquering, just touching hearts so people know that they’re not alone. As we grow stronger and bigger, we realize our battles cannot be fought alone, we need each other. We are more than a passing trend and we will touch more and more hearts through not just network marketing, but everything we do” says our QNET Leader.

His message to Independent Representatives was, “however great you are, we must remain simple at heart. Simplicity is our power. When you reach out and touch a hundred hearts, then together we will touch a billion.”

Chief Pathman ended the live online broadcast with a message for Dato’Sri, “We are with you 100%, you have our hearts.”

Earlier, the formalities started with VP Kuna Senathirajah inspiring the many Malaysian Independent Representatives in the crowd.

Malaysia is where people come to from around the world to feel the power!” said Kuna.

This special event is held in Qi Tower in Malaysia because it is QNET’s tower, our headquarters – it is home and all our Networkers worldwide recognise this as home explained Kuna, referring to V-Malaysia that happens almost every year.

#BillionHearts Unveiled

15liveThe much hyped official launch of Touching a Billion Hearts occurred with Dato’ Sri placing his hand on a special plinth and at that moment a music and light show started with a video presentation unveiling the bright new Touching a Billion Hearts livery.

V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah aka Chief Pathman, supported by QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer, explained to the audience that starting from today, Touching a Billion Hearts will be all over QNET and on every product so everyone will know that we are more than a Network Marketing company, we are a company with heart.

The audience cheered, danced and shouted “The V, The V, The V, a billion hearts.”

Touching Hearts Song Competition Winner

15live4 (1)After Dato’ Sri, assisted by his wife Datin Umayal Eswaran, cut QNET’s 15th Birthday cake to much applause, a video of the winning song from the Touching Hearts competition was played.

The touching hearts song is the theme to take the Network towards its new momentous goal.

The winner was announced and once the song finished Dato’ Sri looked towards the camera and said that this song will help us touch a billion hearts just like it touched mine. “Dream on,” he said with a smile.

Later, it emerged that there was confusion about the name of the winner. His name is Abdul Rahman from India. Congratulations, Abdul, for producing such a beautiful song for us to help us on our journey to a billion.


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