As part of our celebration of QNET’s 15th birthday, we asked 15 of our awe-inspiring, incredibly productive and indefatigable V Ambassadors to share their tips on how one becomes successful in the network marketing business.  Read on and learn!

1)       Associate V Partner Dr Motaz, Georgia

Accept to be trained for 5 continuous days. Commit to daily activities for one full year.


2)       Associate V Partner Dev Johl, Singapore

I set short, mid and long term goals. I have a planner for my daily activities, follow ups and trainings. I set daily and weekly targets for activities such as showing the business plan to a minimum of two persons a day and meeting my team before I call it a day.

3)       Associate V Partner Ibn Abbas, Egypt

FOCUS. If you’re about to quit, remember why you started.

4)       Associate V Partner Motaz Yamani, Sudan
Dream big and think big! Have the readiness to do all that it takes and to pay the price. Live life to impress yourself, not others. Be committed to your dreams. Always choose to try harder rather than walk away.

5)       V Partner Cherian Matthew, India

My success formula – Create partnerships with people and build them to earn big. Ignite their dreams, create a plan to achieve, make them committed to achieve and work together with them to help them achieve. Focus is the keyword.

6)       Associate V Partner Mahendra Kumar, India

Set a realistic weekly target income, an achievable target, a target your mind says “YES, I can do it. It’s possible. I have the time and I can do it.” Give 100 % commitment to it. If u can’t give 100%, don’t commit to the target. At any cost, you should complete your target by midnight every Friday. The key to success is to achieve your target consistently every week, anything less is not acceptable. Remember, consistency is the key.

7)       Associate V Partners Nikhil Dhawan & Aarati Dighe Dhawan, India

Commit to your goal and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Be a good student, dream big!

8)       Associate V Partner Tobeng, Indonesia

Commitment – If you like it, it’s bliss. If you don’t, it’s grief.
Consistency – Never give up. Just do it. You’ll succeed.

9)       V Council  Member Mustafa Ince, Turkey

There is a saying that goes “We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start.” Feed your belief and never give up.

10)   V Council Member Zach, Bahrain

Commitment + Belief.

11)   V Council Member Simon Cheung, Malaysia

I have the perseverance to do things that people don’t like to do. I just keep going and that’s why I made it in this business. Undoubtedly, my faith and belief that I can do it is the crucial factor that brought me here today.

12)   V Council Member Doreen Kato, Uganda

Know what you want, define a plan, take action and go for it. Find a mentor or coach, someone who is successful in the QNET business, like your Upline or team leader, and follow them blindly. Allow them to tell you the truth, no matter what.

13)   V Council Member Sajan Zacharias, India

Have a very strong belief in QNET – the company, the products and the business. Strategise with your partners every week and focus on their growth and income. Maintain daily communications with your Upline and Downlines. Develop a never-give-up attitude. Never give up on your partners. Never give up on your dreams. When you fall down, tell yourself, let me do it one more time. Keep moving. There will always be progress as you keep moving.

14)   V Council Member Sabah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Keep a burning desire for your dream. Apply the basics without questioning your coach.

15)   V Council Member Yasir Khamis, Jordan

Add value – anything that people are willing to pay for. In your professional life, the more value you can offer, the more money you can make. More value translates to closer relationships and strong personal growth. Spend whole days helping a new person in the industry – train them, support them and hold their hand until they feel confident to be able to go off on their own. Read books about successful people. Enjoy your time and the way you do business.

Thanks to our V Ambassadors for sharing these precious actionable nuggets. Happy networking, everyone!

Raise The Bar Higher!

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