Nurturing and sustaining a rapidly growing network of downlines is no easy task. It requires not only hard work and good judgment but also increased efficiency as demand on your time grows at the same rate as your network.

See how Mona, at the same juncture – faced with a growing network but less time to manage it, uses ello, QNET’s enterprise standard business communications software, to transform the capacity of her business from small to large overnight and help her achieve her goal of becoming a successful business woman.


Mona’s Communication Problem:

With her network growing rapidly, Mona was finding it increasingly difficult to ensure her downlines got all the support and information they needed to perform at their best. She hosted meetings but found people often couldn’t make it or it wasn’t practical to bring everyone together if there was just one item to discuss.

Mona used email but found this time consuming. She made endless one-to-one calls with all her direct referrals only to find she was constantly repeating herself and people missed on great discussions. She even tried a paid conference-call service but the cost is prohibitive. For Mona, phone bills were soaring, she had less and less time; and to make matters worse, her downlines were starting to complain they weren’t getting the support they needed. Something had to give.

When Mona’s upline started inviting her to ello conference calls she found it very useful and wondered if it could help with her own network communications so she decided to give ello a go.

With ello’s audio and video conferences, Mona could suddenly…

  • Host unlimited video and voice conferences for up to 100 participants.
  • Easily send participants meeting invitations and a link to join.
  • Share files, images, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, instant messaging chats and a whiteboard during discussions.
  • Allow participants to interact and exchange information with each other.
  • Make unlimited calls at no incremental cost

What makes ello particularly appealing is that it’s so easy for Mona’s participants because it’s free, they don’t need to subscribe to ello or download software to participate. Armed with a laptop and a half decent Internet connection, all participants’ need do is click on the link to join the meeting through their Internet browser.

With ello, Mona feels she has wrestled back control and is able to provide the support and training she knows her downlines need. Meanwhile, her downlines say they feel more informed and connected, resulting in better performance. All this while saving money and time through less face-to-face meetings and phone calls.

Sound Familiar?

Failing to act decisively could cost you growth. ello is your opportunity to take your network communications to the next level and to set your business on track for continued expansion. ello_bloghighlight Subscribe to ello in your QNET Repeat eStore

Go to your Virtual Office and purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to ello from the Repeat eStore. Easier still, click the ello panel in your Virtual Office dashboard to go directly to ello in your eStore.

After you have purchased ello you will be emailed a download link to install ello on your laptop or desktop with instructions on how to register your ello account.

ello works just fine with your computer’s built in microphone and speakers but you will probably find a headset a useful investment.

ello is QNET’s business communications power tool, get yours today!

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