Whether you’re working flat-out in the QNET business, doing it on the side, or just in love with our great personal care, nutrition and fitness products, one thing is certain – you’re always interested in discovering more about skin care and keeping your body in tip top shape whether it is for you or to help grow your QNET Business by helping others.

We know this, so we’ve brought in the services of an expert, an aesthetic specialist, to prescribe your essential dose of personal care, nutrition and fitness information with in depth knowledge of our advanced Physio Radiance and InShape product ranges.  You too can become a personal care guru within your network while looking great yourself!

The name of your new mentor is Sunny Shaper, but he wants you to call him Sunny, and he isn’t just any run of the mill aesthetician, he is driven to know everything there is to know about personal care and to share it with others, especially you!

He has received an internationally recognised Diploma from the Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie, the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy as well as a diploma with honours from the UK’s Confederation Of International Beauty Therapies And Cosmetologists.

Sunny has 23 jaw-dropping years of experience in high end-beauty salons and academies in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong – there is nothing Sunny hasn’t seen before.

To top it all off he is certified by the International Therapy Examination Council, so Sunny is someone you can trust to tell you the facts, the dos and the don’ts about everything to do with personal care. That’s why we took him on to be your mentor.

Sunny’s expert perspective will help you sort out fact from fad in a sea of personal care advertising overload. You’ll be able to perfect your own personal care regime while increasing your knowledge of QNET’s popular Physio Radiance and InShape products.

This enhanced knowledge will be an essential tool in your repertoire not only for you to apply personally but also to help grow your QNET business by sharing what you discover about our top quality products.

So stay tuned and let Sunny be your guide and don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask all your specific tricky questions that you may have about our products or any aspect of personal care, nutrition and fitness.

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