A sauna and the InShape Toning Belt share health benefitsWe have all heard that sitting in a sauna or steam room is good for you. So did you know that the benefits of the InShape Toning Belt’s Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) feature are based on the same effects?

Read on to discover:

  • The benefits of sauna and heat therapy
  • The wonder of the InShape Toning Belt’s FIR feature
  • The benefits of FIR from the InShape Toning Belt.

Eventhough you appear relatively relaxed when sitting in a sauna or using the InShape Toning Belt with FIR, what’s unseen is the body’s organs working inside. Reaping the benefits of heat therapies requires good judgement and some understanding of how it works.

Heat therapies soothe and have many benefits including as a practical way to detoxify the body. When we sweat, the body is flushed of toxins absorbed from a polluted environment such as lead, mercury, nickel, sodium and other acidic compounds.

Sweating for the sake of good health has a long history. There are numerous mentions of it in the great tomes of bygone eras. Going back as far as the 6th century BC, the Sanskrit Ayurveda described sweating as a very important element of well-being.

But there is more to heat treatment than simply cleansing.

Higher temperatures induce physiological changes in your body. First the temperature of your skin rises quickly then falls as you begin sweating and slowly rises again.

Beneath the skin, heating the body is said to help balance the body’s pH and the blood vessels open wider so that more blood and oxygen are circulated throughout the body. This in turn requires your heart to beat 70% faster, as if taking a brisk walk. Increased circulation is also believed to assist your body’s immune system.

Sweating and the extra load on your heart burns calories. In fact, evidence has shown that 200 to 300 calories can be expended in a sauna in a 20 to 30 minute session.

Fluid loss during a heat or thermal treatment is normal and may be as high as 500 ml but is easily replaced by drinking water.

Heat treatments also stimulate the secretion of useful hormones such as noradrenaline, prolactin, growth hormones and cardiac natriuretic peptide. All of which are produced naturally when the body is under physical stress.

Benefits of heat treatment 

  • Reduce toxins stored in the body.
  • Restore liver and immune system function.
  • Stimulate metabolic processes while inhibiting viral and harmful bacterial growth
  • Reduce mild hypertension by excreting excess salt.

InShape Toning Belt FIR

The InShape Toning Belt’s FIR feature is like a dry sauna. The difference is that the heat produced is focused on the problem stomach area above the waist to deliver a focussed spot treatment.

The belt sends therapeutic FIR waves deep into the tissue around the stomach area, raising the temperature, increasing circulation, accelerating metabolism and encouraging energy stored in the adipose tissues, also called visceral fat, to be utilised.

Benefits of InShape Toning Belt’s FIR

  • Enhance micro-circulation
  • Cleanse and detoxify through sweating
  • Utilise stored energy (fat)
  • Relax and aid recovery of sore muscles
  • Alleviate cellulite.

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