The sporting mania continues this month but this time we head into the searing heat of Africa!


QNET returns as a major sponsor of the Tour du Faso, a major part of the African cycling circuit attracting cyclists the world over.

Deep in the heart of Africa, the country of Burkina Faso is where QNET is for its largest African sporting partnership, the 10-day Tour du Faso.

The cycle race covers a whopping 1,300+ km of terrain in challenging 40°C heat. Not surprisingly, the competition consists of teams representing mainly African but also international countries.

QNET is proud to be a prominent supporter of the Tour du Faso which is one of Burkina Faso’s main social and sporting fixtures of the year with roots back to the famous Tour de France.

This important regional event brings much needed positive attention to the heart of Africa with increased media interest, a party atmosphere and an opportunity to attract aid and investment in the tiny country.

Burkina Faso ranks in the bottom handful of countries in terms of GDP per capita. Yet, as a leading direct selling company, QNET offers the opportunity for locals to raise themselves into sustainable employment where few other opportunities exist. This is why QNET is a committed economic player in not only Burkina Faso but also the broader North African region.

In August this year, QNET opened a regional office in Rwanda to better serve East and Central Africa. The office is a regional hub and support centre to deepen the company’s presence in the region which is experiencing rapid growth.

Other notable sponsors of the Tour du Faso include Nescafé and Nike who are providing racing uniforms.

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