Just when you thought nothing could beat V-Con in terms of its ability to change your life – what about an event that’s for the whole gosh darn direct selling industry with its own universe of companies, media, movers and shakers?

How would you like to attend the direct selling global event of the year, rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest earners in the industry? Imagine the discussions, the people you would meet, the things you would learn.

Well it just so happens that QNET is sponsoring the biggest industry event of the year, the OBTAINER Global Direct Selling Forum in the United Arab Emirates this coming 9 and 10 November, 2013.

Our very own V Partner Sathi Senathirajah, who features in 67th place on Obtainer’s Top Income List will be speaking along with many other accomplished top earners from leading direct selling companies.

QNET was also nominated to receive two awards for Product Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility which means we are at the top of our game and possibly the absolute best in the business! The industry awards will be announced at the Obtainer Forum.

So why are we telling you all this? Because if you live in or near the UAE you can reserve your own ticket to the event.

Grab this chance of a lifetime from your eStore** and be one of only a limited group from QNET. The first 50 tickets sold are available at a promo price and there is only a limited number of tickets allocated to QNET full stop…

Head on over to your eStore** and invest in your future by buying a ticket today because being there will be everything!

** Only available in the eStore for the following countries: Bahrain, Israel, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Morocco, Syria, Irag, Lebanon, Oman, Tunisia, Yemen and Palestine. 

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