RaiseTheBar-WinnerThe prize winners from August’s Raise the Bar Higher promo are out.

There are now ten proud owners of an engraved iPad and two lucky Raise The Bar Higher Tour winners who each get a CIMIER® watch and will take a friend to QI Tower in Malaysia. One top-earner will also be taking a friend to Malaysia for 5 days business-class to have dinner with Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran!

QNET regularly runs incentive promos to motivate and reward you for doing what you do so so well – selling QNET’s life enhancing products.

One of the winners of the Raise The Bar Higher Tour was Edem Bakah from Ghana. The great thing is that Edem only started as an Independent Representative three weeks before the incentive started. We asked him how he did it.

edem-RTBH“It was thanks to my exceptional and caring uplines like Sajan, Johnson, Calvin, Marian, Patrick, Zimria and others like Appiah, Kudu, Peter and Edwin in Cape Coast, Ghana. As a baby networker, I needed guidance, support and mentoring from all my uplines and they helped me devise the strategies that contributed greatly to my success.”

Edem says his uplines sat with him and shared all their knowledge of the business. They told him what core activities he needed to do such as invitations, presentations and follow-ups; and urged him to regularly participate in team presentations and training sessions.

Often we hear comments from newbies who say that it is just too hard to succeed with QNET. However, Edem and all of our winners today are proof that QNET offers so many people the freedom in life they are looking for.

We know incentive promos like Raise The Bar Higher offer real encouragement to help you perform at your best. So keep your eyes glued to the QNET Blog for word on our future incentives and promos.


And the winners are….

PrizeIR ID NumberCountry
Privilege TourHG715639Russia
Tour PackHG032014Kazaksthan
Tour PackHG732315Ghana
iPadHG361337United States
iPadHG185782Burkina Faso
iPadIN041948Hong Kong


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