2/11/13: Super-early-bird extension announced

Tonight QNET launches its latest promo, and guess what? We’re maximising your rewards all the way through to 10 January 2014 with Raise The Bar To The Max.

This latest reward promo is the sensational sequel to the amazing Raise The Bar Higher, for which the prize draw winners were announced earlier this week.


You want to earn more, you want total freedom to be able to live life to the max and you know what you have to do get there with QNET.

Some of you may be thinking, “that’s easier said than done”. This is true, it’s easy for us to splash cliches over the Blog but the truth of the matter is that it is YOU that needs do the hard yards to drive those sales and to expand your network. But you know what? You do it well!

Thanks to you, QNET is expanding across the world and you are helping us on our way towards touching a billion hearts in no time flat.

But we can help! What we can do is incentivise to help you develop the pace and the habits that will make you succeed.

With Raise The Bar To The Max, you’re encouraged to also max your business activity to make the most of it. That’s more invitations, more presentations, more follow-ups – more of the stuff that makes it happen.

To spell that out for the uninitiated, to really make the most of Raise The Bar To The Max, look at it like a training exercise. Over this period, see what it feels like to work at a raised level and then turn that into your new benchmark.

Do this and not only will you have won the battle, you’ll be well on the way to financial freedom.

Can you Raise The Bar To The Max?

QNET wants you to maximise your rewards with the Raise The Bar To The Max PROMO! There are super-charged rewards for the Super Early Bird period until Friday, 1 November 2013. So this is something you want to start today.

Take on the Raise The Bar To The Max promo and earn more all the way through to Friday, 10 January 2014.

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