Do you need practical tips and powerful quotes to help you bolster your network marketing business? You’ll get these and more from this week’s posts from our QNET Bloggers! blogger

Shoumik De shares some valuable nuggets of wisdom he has acquired in his one and a half years in QNET and in the network marketing profession. His post is entitled Touching a billion hearts… truly.

Dhara Purohit also shares what she has learned in her three years with QNET. She enumerates powerful quotes from the QNET founders and V Partners that she holds close to her heart. Her post is aptly entitled Pearls of Wisdom.

Robert Quartey writes an insightful follow up to his last post on the importance of welcoming and embracing change. In his new post entitled CHOOSE or LOSE [The only constant that is not constant – Part 2], he writes “QNET is a good example of a company that responds successfully to change.

Yves Olivier is generous enough to share 15 things a professional QNET IR should do every day. These are solid, truthful and practical tips on network marketing that spell SUCCESS.

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