Remember our goal to touch a billion hearts? Of course you do, and guess what? Our journey to a billion has just got a helping hand with the launch of the billion hearts website.

The new site was unveiled by QNET Chief Marketing Officer Malou Caluza at a red carpet event in Hong Kong this month as part of QNET’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.

The event, which was attended by QNET Founder Joseph Bismark, showcased 15 community initiativesundertaken as part of our anniversary celebrations as examples of QNET touching hearts.

As you can see on, we have this HUGE heart to fill… one little heart at a time until we reach one #billionhearts, so we definitely need all hands on deck for this!

We need YOUR help because every heart counts! Already 9 million+ hearts have been touched by QNET since the Company started and it’s now time to step it up and raise the bar

Help us touch hearts by reaching out to someone close to you, make someone’s day and share it on Facebook via

With our hearts combined, we’ll get there… check out our #billionhearts counter at now! 

So, how can you touch hearts?

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