eLearning is proving to be the preferred way that working professionals can pursue on-going education. Online courses instead of brick and mortar classes are fast becoming the norm around the world because of their practicality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Shridhattha is a 25-year-old professional biomedical engineer based in the south of India. He was referred to the Swiss E-Learning Institute by his leader and upline, Ms Eileen Chua of Singapore. We asked him a few questions about the Entrepreneurship and Mini MBA courses he is taking, available exclusively from QNET, and he generously obliged.

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When do you aim to finish these courses?

I’m still working them but plan to get them finished by the end of this month.

How many hours per week do you dedicate to study?

2 hours a day.

What do you like most about your Swiss eLearning Institute courses?

They’re simple and effective. My brain quickly absorbs the material as the most useful phrases are emphasised in each module. I also find the resources in the online library particularly helpful and effective in making students like me understand each topic.

Are the courses helping you professionally?

Firstly, the fact that the courses proudly boast their Swiss origins in their name will make them look great on my résumé. Aside from that, I feel both my Entrepreneurship and Mini MBA courses are giving me a better understanding of important systems in the work environment, such as how to make decisions, how to follow through and how to successfully implement projects.

What would you say to anyone considering doing a Swiss eLearning Institute course?

It’s a wonderful way to learn. I believe these online courses are great for working professionals. They will enhance skills and improve anyones mindset to carry out the daily rigours of work with a smile, putting them on the right track to success, no matter the industry.

Start reaping the benefits of continuing education with a Swiss eLearning Institue course today, available exclusively from QNET, just click on “Education” in your eStore.

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