The defining moment for VC Ghada Hamdan (36) was telling her 12 year old daughter that she can pick out any car she wants in the whole showroom. That was when Ghada, and her daughter, decided they will both network with QNET forever!

Read this great interview with Ghada from aspIRe 15; a touching story of total transformation and achievement.

Ghada’s network is active in Egypt, UAE, Palestine, Nigeria and the US. She joined QNET in 2011 and become a Platinum Star in September 2012. Her favourite products are the Himalayan Crystal Diamond Love Pendant and the Physio Radiance range.

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What was life like before QNET? 

Life before QNET was not a life! I was miserable: a single mum fighting to give my daughter the best I could. Finances were tight and I had to take more than one job to barely pay my bills! I had a good job as a marketing manager at one of those ‘things’ (large multi-national companies) where people live in cubicles, compete with each other, fight for a place at the top, get stressed, get fired and eventually die broke. All this for what? To build someone else’s dream?

It was eating up my life! So, at age 32, I decided that by my next birthday, I would have my own business and my current job was going to be my last station.

Did you look for QNET or did QNET find you?

I guess life throws opportunities at us but unless we’ve taken the decision to change our lives, we can’t even see those opportunities. Since I had taken the decision of changing my life even before meeting my Upline, I immediately saw the QNET opportunity, jumped at it and signed up instantly! I grabbed it and built it up bit-by-bit, everyday.

How did you make your dream a reality?

Well, as with everything, it takes time and dedication to get to the right speed. At the start, I was pitching to my contacts who were, coincidentally, my colleagues from work. My boss was the first I presented to but he laughed and said I was ‘stupid’ (funny how, years later, he’d be calling my downline asking to be signed up!). When he learnt what I was doing, he warned me that I’d get fired for not focussing on the job and my career! He also went to everyone I signed up in the office and passed on the same warning.

This forced me to prospect like crazy which made me very good at prospecting! You see, everything happens for a reason, even bad things. I worked, worked, worked and signed up people both in UAE and in my home country, Egypt, until I built my pipeline. 10 months later, I was able to match my salary simply by presenting for 3 hours after work everyday, watching a DVD by our unbelievable Chief Pathman to learn how to motivate myself and by attending trainings on weekends.

That was when I decided to quit my job. I thought that if I put in 8 to 10 hours a day I could double, triple even quadruple my income and that is exactly what happened. Today, I work out of choice, fun and love. I no longer have stressful days. I travel to countries to spread this opportunity and tell people that they should give themselves the chance to do the same!

How did you get here?

I fell in love with QNET and worked at it consistently, everyday. QNET was my way to financial freedom – and it was the only way since I burned all the bridges behind me! During summer vacation in Egypt, while my family went to the beachside, I stayed back in the city to present to at least 5 to 10 people per day. My family used to tell me “You’re giving up your hard-earned vacation…” to which I replied “And you’re giving up your life!”. I was doing this so that in the future I could relax on any beach, anywhere in the world, anytime I wanted in my life.

What was your defining moment with QNET?

V-Con 2009 took place two days after I signed up. When I watched VP and single mother Donna Imson on stage, I made the decision to be standing with her on stage in 3 years time. Also, seeing VP Adly Hassan on stage – an Arab like myself – reinforced my idea that QNET offers “equal opportunity regardless of race, creed or religion” as Chief always says. I thought, ‘One day, I’m going to be like VP Adly’.

What challenges have you faced?

It was in January 2011, the same week, the Egyptian Revolution happened. I went from being maxed out to almost zero, that was a challenge! The Internet was down and there was a curfew, no one was allowed to be in the streets after 3 pm. People were scared and no one wanted to spend the little money they had. So for the following 6 weeks, I worked harder than ever and, by March of 2011, I maxed out again.

What have you discovered about yourself?

I discovered I am not a quitter, I’m a QNETer! QNET has helped me discover the persistence not to give up on my dreams and the dreams of my beloved Team Diamonds! I guess I am in love with QNET and with Diamonds and so I will keep going till the end, no matter what.

Tell us a story that’s had a deep impact?

My daughter and I were going to watch a movie when we came across a car showroom in the mall. Dana, my daughter, was 12. I stopped at the showroom and told her “Pick your car!” She couldn’t believe it! She said “I am 12, I cannot drive“. I said “I know, I just want you to try the back seat of any car and tell me which one is the most comfortable!

I bought the car she chose for her instantly and the next day we interviewed drivers and hired the best one for her! She was so happy! The freedom and ability to be able to do this has made us both decide we will network with QNET forever!

What other dreams has QNET enabled you to fulfill?

I quit the corporate world forever! I bought a car for my daughter and a brand new special order Porsche Cayenne – I guess I am the only girl in Egypt driving one!

I found Salah, the man of my dreams, through the network and got married to him. Other than being an amazing husband, he has had great leadership qualities since the day I met him and today he is my number one leader and partner.

I started several businesses and soon I will be opening my own chain of bakery restaurants with partners. I hope to invite you all for a delicious meal in one of my restaurants.

I became a V-Council Member.

What advice do you have for new starters?

Burn the bridges behind you, there is no other way you will get to what you can achieve with QNET!

How has QNET touched your heart?

Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran touched my heart through his books, trainings and teachings about life! Do you know any other company in the world that has such an amazing founder and one that you get to meet, be personally trained by and share a common vision with?

Learning and applying Rhythm (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind) has changed my life like many others’. Getting messages from downlines thanking me for changing their lives and helping them cross out dreams from their dream list is just overwhelming. I could give a man a fish and feed him for one day but today I prefer to teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

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