SONY DSCAfrica is in the midst of a takeover! QNET and the V are sweeping down from Morocco where ReVCon has just finished and are enroute to win over Burkina Faso with another ReVCon from 22 – 24 November.

ReVCon Morocco was a hit! QNET pulled off a successful product exhibition featuring live InShape and Physio Radiance presentations from our Personal Care Expert, Sunny Shaper.

The team on the ground report that attendees particularly loved the Click and Carry kiosks at the venue which allowed people to purchase products at dedicated computer kiosks and take them home with them at the end of the event.

On stage, 28 Independent Representatives were awarded pins for their Rank Advancement achievements. Congratulating them on stage was V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark, Chief Marketing Officer Malou Caluza, V Partner Sathi and VP Adly.

By the way, how is your rank advancement coming along? Remember this, the key to advancing is aligning your business so that you are selling to existing customers and therefore earning Repeat Sales Points (RSP). Any sustainable business must make repeat sales to existing customers and our rank advancement requirements reward you for doing this.

Chief Pathman said it like this on his Facebook Page, “We honoured our IRs who have achieved Gold Star rank on stage. Congratulations to all of you and may your hard work and commitment continue to pay off as you go on your journey towards financial freedom. Always remember what we have talked about – presentation, presentation, presentation! Go out of your comfort zone and empty your cup everyday. That’s how you become a great networker.