Subscribers to QNET Life Site can choose from a suite of branded landing pages where prospects can connect directly with their QNET business.  Amezcua and Q Lifestyle holidays (QVI Club, Q-breaks and QVI Points) have unveiled their own QNET Life Site landing pages.

Choose your qnetlife.net website from the following brands: Holidays (QVI Club, Q-breaks and QVI Points), Amezcua, Bernhard H. Mayer®, Adiva Divine, Physio Radiance, HomePure and Swiss eLearning Institute.

We’ve talked before about using QNET Tools to look smarter and influence people, well QNET Life Site branded personal landing pages are another way to look awesome and sell more of the products you love to sell.

Having your own .qnetlife.net URL and landing page gives the people you meet the opportunity to connect to you and your business online.

The people you send to your landing page can submit details so you can contact them or they can proceed to purchase from you without needing to enter your IR ID.

To set-up your own qnetlife.net landing page, grab a subscription for QNET Life Site from the eStore and activate once you receive email confirmation by clicking on the Life Site badge on the dashboard of your QNET Virtual Office.

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