Emotional scenes in the QNET sponsored Marussia F1 Team’s garage yesterday in Sao Paolo when it was finally clear: Marussia had won the 10th spot in the constructors championship of the Formula 1 Championship 2013.

It was a close battle all year long, with the Caterhams dangerously near as they were all of last year. The memories of 2012 were still fresh, when Caterham beat Marussia in this exact race in Sao Paolo and ended 10th in the championship, leaving QNET’s sponsored team behind.

The battle at the back to not finish last was hotter than ever this year. Quite literally the difference between finishing 10th and 11th is many millions of dollars in prize money.

Max and Jules were Marussia’s rookie drivers for this season. Both fresh from GP2, they had never before driven on some of the tracks they were challenged to face during the season. Nevertheless, they both showed an impressive performance throughout the entire season. Jules finishing 15th in Melbourne and 13th in Sepang, while Max finished everyone of the 19 races in the season which makes him the first rookie driver to ever accomplish that.

John Booth, Team Principal told us that he was very proud of the team’s achievement: “Credit to the whole Team – both trackside and back at base in Banbury – for an incredibly hard-fought 2013 campaign. Well done to both Jules and Max, who have performed admirably in a tough rookie season, having more than risen to the challenge.”

And we are proud too. Way to go Marussia, we always believed in you.

After a well deserved break, the 2014 season will get underway in Australia on 13 March 2014. Bring it on!

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Check out all the photo action from Sao Paulo last weekend.

Pre season finale Marussia F1 Team photo  QNET Marussia pitstop action
2013 Formula 1 players photo  Marussia crew member reaching for the champers

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