At just 23 years old, Bakytgul Beypenova is surprisingly ambitious and doing surprisingly well with her QNET business.

While Ghada Hamdan told us she burnt all the bridges behind her, Bakytgul employed ambition and pure persistence. Let some of it rub off as you read her fantastic story!

Bakytgul, who was one of the top prize winners from August’s Raise The Bar Higher promo announced last month, comes from a little village called Karagur in Kazakhstan.

After graduating from a high school for gifted children, Bakytgul commenced study at the Kazakh National Medical School.

But after she brought a QNET product from her cousin enrolled as an Independent Representative more than a year ago, now all her aspirations and goals are not in medicine, but network marketing!

“Network marketing is basically a highly effective system of leadership education. In time, I think it will cover all aspects of human life,” says Bakytgul.

One of her ambitious plans is to establish a network of polytechnics and name them Bakyt which means happiness.

However, as is so often the case, Bakytgul’s journey with QNET has not been smooth sailing.

Not once, but twice she lost her team due to negative media portrayals of the Company stemming from unscrupulous behaviour by a few individuals.

“When I lost my team, I was a poor student and had to live in my office. My parents didn’t support me at all especially when I took leave from University,” recalls Bakytgul.

But despite all the difficulties, she didn’t give up. She continued toward her goals, rebuilding her team.

Now, Bakytgul’s team is named Fly Team and she says she has her own unique approach to developing a united team, ”I don’t build a team, I grow a family. Relationships are my priority,” she says.

Bakytgul’s ambition and stubborn persistence is clearly paying off. Fly Team now has branches into several cities in Kazakhstan including Almaty, Shymkent and Semey. She even has team members outside Kazakhstan and in future hopes to expand into Russia, China and even France.

Succeeding with QNET is not easy, but if you show the sort of gritty persistence of Bakytgul you will surely do well.

We congratulate Bakytgul on steering a growing team through troubled waters and especially on her Raise The Bar Higherprize of a CIMIER® watch and a trip with a friend all the way to Malaysia for a tour of QI Tower – you deserve it!

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