QNET Mobile 5.0 Download and Cashback Promo

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We’re doing a Cashback* promo to introduce you to QNET Mobile 5.0, the updated app that makes your eStore a mobile store and your Virtual Office a mobile office!

With QNET Mobile 5.0, purchase your products while on the go and let your prospects enrol and make their first purchase in six simple steps using a mobile device.

The latest version of QNET Mobile brings a full featured mobile experience to your finger-tips.

To promote the new app and just in time for all your Raise The Bar To The Max shopping; from today until 16 December, if you’re on the World Plan, the more you buy from the eStore with QNET Mobile and pay for by eCard, the more cash you’ll get back!

Have as much as USD 30 returned to your Q Account just for shopping in the QNET eStore and paying by eCard on QNET Mobile!

Sounds too simple? That’s because it is! We just really want you to try out the new version of QNET Mobile because we think it’s going to change the way you work.

But it’s not only a simplified enrolment and first purchase process that you get with QNET Mobile 5.0. Use it for all your shopping, pay by credit card, manage eCards and receive important notifications too!

So many tempting reasons to take QNET on the go with QNET Mobile 5.0! Available for Android and iOS devices, download the app now FREE and make your next purchase, a mobile purchase!

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*Sorry, the QNET Mobile Cashback is only open to those on World Plan.