bloggerThis week, our bloggers share their personal definitions of success and touch upon QNET’s campaign to touch a billion hearts. Read on and enjoy their brand new posts! Israa Garatli is back from her blogging hiatus and graces us with a post that talks about her personal definition of success.  Her post, simply entitled Success, gives us another perspective on what we equate success to and how we measure it. Dhara Purohit defines success as one’s personal experience of stretching beyond their limitations. She writes, it’s ‘a realisation of the power within.’ She also thanks QNET, the V Partners and everyone else who have contributed to her ongoing experience of success. Read her post, Success is You Vs Yourself. Yves Olivier shares his thoughts and offers ways on how we could touch a billion hearts. He borrows biblical verses about love and uses them to describe QNET’s campaign of spreading goodness and kindness. His post is entitled Touching A Billion Hearts: The master key revealed! Want to be a QNET Blogger? Email us at Happy reading!