QNET Mobile 5.0 - Less time at your desk, more time with your networkGot any questions about QNET Mobile 5.0? We’ve collected the most common questions and their answers below, take a look.

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I am not receiving the SMS verification code. How can I get the code?

This issue is caused by issues with mobile carriers in some countries. Existing Independent Representatives can log in normally at m.qnet.net and submit a CRF to request a QNET Mobile verification code. A Global Support Centre representative will send you a code.


Is QNET Mobile available on all plans?

Unfortunately no, QNET Mobile is available only for those on the World Plan at the present time. However, we intend to expand the service to local plans in the future.


What mobile platforms are currently supported?

QNET Mobile is available on iOS version 6.0 and above while for Android, the App supports version 2.2 and above.


The App does not accept my mobile number, what do I do?

You must ensure the mobile number entered is the same as the one provided in your IRship enrolment with QNET. Also note, the App automatically identifies your country code so do not include this in the number you enter.


I am getting an ‘Invalid Rank’ message, what does it mean?

You’re IRship has expired. To continue utilising the services of QNET, including QNET Mobile, renew your IRship in your Virtual Office.


I made a purchase on QNET Mobile, why is my BV not updated?

If this is your first purchase, the first 500 BV is automatically attributed to your TC-001 and the rest goes to your BV bank. If you have purchased more than once, all BV earned is banked. You may allocate BV to a tracking centre (TCs) by logging in to your Virtual Office and going to My Tools > Manage Business Volume (BV).


I don’t have an iPhone or Android Smartphone, can I still access QNET on my mobile?

Yes, if your smartphone has a web browser and internet connection, visit http://m.qnet.net and log in. The new 6 step enrolment and first purchase process is not yet available on the mobile web version but we plan to update this soon, watch out for further announcements.


I have an old a previous QNET Mobile which has stopped working. What should I do?

Completely remove and reinstall QNET Mobile from the app store to get QNET Mobile 5.0.


Why can’t see repeat products in the eStore on QNET Mobile?

Unfortunately, the Repeat eStore is not available in the current version of QNET Mobile.


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