The Amezcua Chi Pendant 2 is truly your energy companion. Filipino Independent Representative Ronald Iranzo tells you why…

Filipino IR Ronald Iranzo loves his Chi Pendant 2 from QNET“The Chi Pendant 2 is one of the QNET products I like most. It’s been very useful to my lifestyle ever since I bought it.

My sister was with me when I picked it up at the QNET office in the Ortigas Centre. As soon as I got hold of it, I put it on and immediately experienced one of its benefits. From the office building, we walked all the way to SM Megamall, a huge mall located about five blocks away. We were chatting non-stop as we were walking but when we started climbing the stairs of the overpass that leads to the entrance of the mall, I noticed my sister slowing down and trying to catch her breath while I didn’t feel a thing and just went on climbing. At that moment I realised I was wearing the Chi Pendant 2. I was energised!

I always wear the pendant except when sleeping. I especially like wearing it when I’m taking a shower as it feels so refreshing as compared to when I’m not wearing it. I’ve recently gotten into running and I’ve observed that wearing the pendant helps me maintain stamina. In a span of just three weeks, I have become accustomed to 10-kilometre runs.

With regards to my job as a programmer where almost all of my time is spent in front of a computer, the pendant provides me protection from the electromagnetic radiation (e-smog) emitted from my computer and from electronic devices.

Not only have I found the pendant to be beneficial to my body, I think it’s also a nifty fashion accessory. I can pair it with any chain and it will match with any outfit – formal, rugged, casual, anything!”