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We have a gift for you, a selection of Holiday eGreetings themed with your favourite QNET brands ready to send from QNET Life Site now.

Send a special festive message this holiday season and let your network know you’re thinking of them.

Forget old fashioned greeting cards, move with the times. Embrace the spirit of eCommerce and gain an edge over the competition with these Holiday eGreetings, exclusively available to QNET Life Site subscribers.

Holiday eGreetings are available in English, French, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

How to schedule your eGreeting cards

Schedule your Holiday eGreeting now, just in time for the holiday season, by following these steps:

STEP ONE: Log in to QNET Life Site.

STEP TWO: Go to ‘Marketing Center’.

STEP THREE: Click on ‘Email’.

STEP FOUR:  Click on ‘Start Email Campaign’.

STEP FIVE: Click on ‘Holiday eGreetings’.

STEP SIX: Choose your eGreeting.

STEP SEVEN: Hit ‘Send’.

*Updated on 2/12/2015