2013 has been a great year for us, many wonderful things took… After all, we turned 15!

As the year comes to a close let’s look at the Top Ten blog posts you absolutely loved this year.

10. QNET Mobile Web Now Available!

qnet_mobile_web_launch_WP_innerThe launch of QNET Mobile Web had many of you excited. Of course you would be since it allows you to explore all that QNET has to offer on the go!



9. Watch Founders Live from QNET Anniversary Party @ 17:30

The party of the decade saw huge views! We celebrated our 15 year anniversary at Qi Tower in Malaysia and was attended by numerous VIPs, V Partners and of course the pair that started it all, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Mr Joseph Bismark. Hope you had a blast watching!

8. COMPETITION: Touch Hearts Through Your Song

Song_Writing_Contest_thumbThey say songs are emotions, expressed in such a way that only the soul understands. We were looking for an awesome theme song to celebrate 15 years of QNET. The winner, Abdul from India, was announced as part of the launch of Touching a Billion Hearts on QNET’s 15th Anniversary weekend.


7. QBuzz – QNET’s Daily Newspaper at V-Con 2013 now available HERE!

Free issues of QBuzz Daily, QNET’s daily newsletter, attracted a whole lot of viewers. We’re glad you love our newsletters. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more of QBuzz Daily at the next V-Con! (In the mean time, check our our QBuzz Quarterly).

6. FREE aspIRe Magazines and MEGA SALES on Business Tools in Your QNET Tools App!

Talking about goodies, you totally loved our Mega Sales on Business Tools and all the free aspIRe Magazines we were giving out! With all of QNET’s business tools right in the palm of your hands, growing your network and build your business has never been easier, huh?

5. The Match That Every QNET Networker Must Watch

Thumbnail_SwanseavManchesterNow who doesn’t love a good game of football? Even if you don’t follow the game, just seeing QNET all over your screen was reason enough for thousands of you to be glued to your telly. QNET was advertising partner at the Barclays Premier League for the first round match between Manchester United and Swansea City at Liberty Stadium in Swansea, Wales.


4. Watch Lovers’ Special from Bernhard H. Mayer®

You just could not resist the once-in-a-lifetime deal of Bernhard H. Mayer® Watch Lovers’ Special, could you? The irresistible deal got so many of you flocking towards the QNET eStore!

3. Raise The Bar To The Max: Who else Wants to Maximise Their Rewards?

We all want maximum rewards for our hard work. And you got it! This year QNET launched Raise The Bar To The Max promo to help maximise your rewards all the way through to 10 January 2014!

2. eBOOK: QNET Fast Start Free Download for New Independent Representatives

This year saw a huge number of New Independent Representatives all over the world. What better way to welcome you into the QNET family than giving you an eBook that explains everything you need to know to start selling from our portfolio of products and start earning an independent income within 30 days. Not to forget it was for FREE! Who doesn’t love free stuff, we know we do.

And the most read blog this year is…

1. Are you ready to… RAISE THE BAR HIGHER?

Raise.The.Bar.Higher.InnerEvery single one of us now says this line in our sleep. We even wake up saying “Raise The Bar Higher!” To help you do this, QNET gave you the Raise The Bar Higher Incentive that came with more ways to earn and a chance to win AMAZING PRIZES! This post saw heaps of views from all over the globe! So we’ll definitely let the big guys know what you want to see next year!

And that’s a wrap, folds!

Happy New Year 2014 and let’s raise the bar even higher in the coming year!