NutriSky You Medicine is Killing You

Modern medicine is one of the developments that have forever changed the way we live.

We could be forgiven for thinking we are on the way to invincibility. But is that really true? Or is this perception becoming our very own kryptonite.

The discovery and commercialisation of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming back in 1928 is responsible for saving billions, and possibly many more billions, of lives.

We see this amazing innovation as mankind’s greatest triumph over Mother Nature.

It is true that antibiotics allow us to live longer and to go on to do many wonderful things in life. However, with the extensive use of antibiotics, disease causing bacteria are becoming immune.

Like Charles Darwin’s theory of the ‘Survival of the Fittest’, bacteria are just as fit as us. They are highly adaptable, and are mutating to the point where antibiotics becoming less effective.

A report by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that as many as 2 million people a year fall ill from drug-resistant organisms and 23,000 of them die.

Antibiotic resistance is threatening to put us back into to the pre-antibiotic era where something as simple as a paper cut could kill.


So what can you do?

The solution lies within the very same natural properties that create bacteria in the first place. Medicinal plants have been found to be effective in the treatment and management of various health problems.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the world population relies heavily on the use of traditional medicine.

Today, most medicinal agents originated from nature and this is considered a rich source for identifying new treatments.

Swietenia macrophylla or Big-Leaf Mahogany, is one plant that can be used to create a powerful antibiotic. The plant’s extract is filled with flavonoids and saponins. These chemical molecules have been found to have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities that can help treat HIV, ulcers, fungal infections, malaria and diarrhea.

The plant is used widely around the world especially in countries where the plant grows abundantly. The fruit of Swietenia macrophylla is commonly known as ‘sky fruit’ because of its shape that points toward the sky. Sky fruit has the properties to improve health, blood circulation and skin conditions as well many other pharmacological uses.

The seeds of the sky fruit come with many amazing benefits. They are fully packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals which contribute to ageing and diseases such as cold, flu and low cholesterol while boosting the immune system.

The fruit’s seeds are also great for people with diabetes as they help lower blood sugar levels. Moreover, they help to increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure as well as help prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Recent studies in the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences reveal that sky fruit seeds may also help prevent gastric ulcers and colon cancer due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Some studies show that the seeds can be used to treat Hepatitis C and are even great for boosting libido and vitality!

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