He was always a dreamer but didn’t have the opportunity to make his dreams a reality, until one day he wrote We Are One, the song that would be on the lips of people in over 100 countries, the song that would help people believe that nothing is impossible.

He was a simple film editor who had big dreams but no clear path to achieve them, until one day he found QNET.

Introducing Abdul Rahman, the winner of Touch Hearts Through Your Song competition that QNET conducted to find a theme song that would make celebrating its 15 year anniversary meaningful.

Through this winning song, QNET wanted to inspire, motivate, encourage, touch hearts and change lives. The winner, Abdul, was announced as part of the launch of Touching a Billion Hearts on QNET’s 15th Anniversary weekend.

When asked what inspired him to write this song he said, “children always inspire me.” He said that whenever he observes children and their fearless nature of accomplishing something they put their minds to, it inspires him. It allows him to believe that one can still dream and accomplish those dreams.

This song, he says, was inspiration from watching his niece play.

“She was exploring everything that was beyond her reach, but she just concentrated on her aim without fear of failure or thinking about consequences. I believe that in many situations, we all have to be bold and take things in our stride. Being fearless will lay the path for us.”

Abdul proudly proclaims that QNET gave him his chance to dream and he is glad he grabbed the opportunity to build his dreams.

He’s even prepared a karaoke version for teams everywhere to sing along, see here.

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