Subscribe to ello in your QNET Repeat eStore
Subscribe to ello in your QNET Repeat eStore

Our last ello FAQ was for chat and conferencing. Now, let’s shine the spotlight on ello’s emailing feature. Check out the answers to your frequently asked questions.


1. How big can attachments be in my ello email? What’s the maximum message size that’s allowed?

By default, you can attach a maximum of 125 file attachments to an email message, none of which can exceed the message size limit. The default message size limit is 25 MB. The message size includes the message body, message header, and any attachments that are contained in the email message.


2. Can I create a “reply to” email address for my account in ello email?

No, changing the default “reply to” address is not currently supported.


3. Why did I receive a warning that my message couldn’t be sent and to try again later?

You might have received this message because you’ve been sending a large number of emails, or a few messages to a large group of recipients, and have reached the sending limit for your mailbox.

Any email you send over the sending limit of your mailbox will automatically be saved to your Outbox folder. After waiting awhile, you can open the email from your Outbox folder and try sending it again. If you’re still over the sending limit, you’ll see the warning message again. The email will stay in the Outbox folder until you send or delete it. If you’ve waited a full 24 hours and still receive the same warning, try reducing the number of recipients.


4. What are connected accounts?

If you have multiple email accounts and want to interact with all your mail in one place, then you can connect your ello account to your other email accounts. This lets you use ello to send and receive mail from all connected accounts.

  1. Go to the Gear Icon for settings on the upper right corner and click Options
  2. Click connected accounts and then click the + sign
  3. Enter the email address and password of the email account you wish to add.


5. How do I import contacts from other email accounts, such as Yahoo?

Use the Import Contacts wizard to import contacts from other email accounts.

  1. Export the contacts from your other email account/s to a .csv file. Note where you save the .csv file.
  2. Sign in to your ello email account.
  3. Go to Contacts, and then click Import in the toolbar. Or, go to Options > My Account > Shortcuts to Other Things You Can Do and then click Import Your Contacts from an Existing Email Account.
  4. Enter the path to the .csv file with your contacts, or click Browse to locate your file.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Wait while your contacts are imported.
  7. When the import is complete, click Finish.


  • If the same contact is in your Contacts folder and in the .csv file, a duplicate contact will be created.
  • If you try to import too many contacts, you’ll see an error message. Use a programme such as Excel to open the file and break it into smaller files and then import each file.


Enjoy saying ‘ello’ to your network and the world, subscribe to ello through your QNET Repeat eStore today.


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