Many people do not enjoy drinking water; they cannot stand its plain taste.  They are used to quenching their thirst by chugging down sugary sodas, fruit juices or powdered drink mixes.

Some even have the habit of ending their meals by sipping alcoholic beverages. We all have our preferred ways of hydrating but some of these may in fact be unhealthy or even life-threatening.

Drinking water is and will always be your healthier option. More so, drinking healthy water is your best option.

Hydration is one of your primary needs as a human being. But what role does water play in your body? The diagram below shows how water is involved in many of our body’s vital functions.


This diagram shows how water is involved in many of the human body’s vital functions.


It is essential to understand how important drinking clean safe water is to society and the economy. This Success In A Cup blog post discusses this and will give you an idea on what water sanitation authorities around the world are doing to ensure you have continuous access to clean and safe drinking water.

In your own household, you can make your drinking water healthier by turning it into REAL water – refined, energised and alkalised. It’s better for you than regular filtered water and that’s why QNET recommends it for you and your family.


REAL Water in a Nut Shell

REAL Water is water that goes through the three-step process of being:

  1. Refined – cleaned and purified using the HomePure Water Filtration System
  2. Energised – refreshed and harmonised using the Amezcua Energy Shell 2
  3. ALkalised – balanced and protected using the HomePure Alkaline Stick

To know more, visit the REAL Water microsite or read this infographic. Visit your eStore now to buy yourself and your family the QNET products you need to enjoy REAL Water.

Keep safe, keep it real!


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