RTBH2_ThankYouInnerRaise The Bar To The Max is over and the news is that it was officially QNET’s most successful promo ever!

It started long ago, all the way back in October last year, with an amazing Super Early Bird and then a Early Bird period that blessed us with an extension that took us all the way through the Holidays.

The whole promo lasted a glorious four months. That means, you were enjoying maximum rewards for your maximum efforts for more than a quarter of a year!

Chief Marketing Officer Malou Caluza said that many in the network told her how much they enjoyed Raise The Bar To The Max.

“I think the promo was successful because it was simple with great rewards that encouraged everyone to focus on the activities that will help them succeed as IRs long after the promo has ended,” said Malou.

We know incentive promos help you perform at your best, so keep your eyes open because you wont be waiting long for the next exciting promo.


To the QNET Network,

Thank you for Raising The Bar To The Max, you’re all amazing Independent Representatives and clearly the best we’ve ever had!

Love from,



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