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Raise The Bar To The Max Was The Biggest Ever!


Raise The Bar To The Max is over and the news is that it was officially QNET’s most successful promo ever!

It started long ago, all the way back in October last year, with an amazing Super Early Bird and then a Early Bird period that blessed us with an extension that took us all the way through the Holidays.

The whole promo lasted a glorious four months. That means, you were enjoying maximum rewards for your maximum efforts for more than a quarter of a year!

Chief Marketing Officer Malou Caluza said that many in the network told her how much they enjoyed Raise The Bar To The Max.

“I think the promo was successful because it was simple with great rewards that encouraged everyone to focus on the activities that will help them succeed as IRs long after the promo has ended,” said Malou.

We know incentive promos help you perform at your best, so keep your eyes open because you wont be waiting long for the next exciting promo.


To the QNET Network,

Thank you for Raising The Bar To The Max, you’re all amazing Independent Representatives and clearly the best we’ve ever had!

Love from,



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  1. Hi Hascome

    Thanks for your comment, please allow me to offer a correction. At QNET, it is product sales that earn Independent Representatives commission, not “sign-ups”. I’m sorry that you were misinformed but QNET’s Compensation Plan ONLY pays for product sales. Furthermore, our Compensation Plan is specifically designed to reward sales to repeat customers (that’s the opposite of a sign-up) through what we call Repeat Sales Points. So any Independent Representative focussing only on sign-ups will ultimately fail. No one should ever be under the illusion that making money from QNET is about sign-ups or that it is easy; it’s all about doing honest work, selling great products to your network. Finally, we prominently display earnings advice to help ensure the public are cautious about any information they may be told: http://www.qnet.net/en/footer/earnings_and_income_disclaimer/.

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

    In service

    P.S. I had to remove your previous messages and edit this message to remove bad language. If you would like a response to any future messages, please keep it civil.

  2. How silly you people are…when they say just sign-ups are suffiecient to get bonus don’t you people ever think of how the money gets generated?!?!?

    It’s always easy to mislead someone blinded by that kind of greed.

  3. Hey guys =D

    yah this promo was really awesome and motivating since you don’t need to make personal purchase BVs, you can only make sign ups and get bonus over all!!! exactly like in 2010 i guess..

  4. Hi Basma

    Thanks for commenting. Some pay outs have already happened, so it depends on which period you are referring to. The payout schedule is detailed in the Raise The Bar To The Max Terms and Conditions. You can find a link to the Terms and Conditions in the relevant announcement in your Virtual Office, check it out.

    In service

  5. The thanking is to you, thanks alot for that encouraging promo which pushed us to do our best and we will keep working hard and waiting for the next promo and we trust that it will be so strong and successful promo too.
    Always on the top Qnet
    thanks alot

  6. We have worked hard and almost reached the target but when are we gonna get the commission as per the promotion? Thanks


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