Sunday, May 22, 2022

Blood Pressure Down – Why this Protein Shake is Better

You don’t need to be pumping iron in the gym to get a benefit from taking added protein. That’s the conclusion from an analysis of 27 studies confirming the blood pressure reducing effect of soy protein published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Most people have heard that added protein is useful for maintaining and building muscle, something that is true of any protein whether from dairy, meat or plants such as soy. But one protein does more than this.

The study which combined the results of 27 separate research trials from around the world finds that soy protein, in particular, reduces blood pressure.

This is good news for sufferers of an over worked heart which can be the consequence of a hectic lifestyle.

“Blood pressure reductions could substantially reduce the risk of stroke by about 20% and chronic heart disease by 10%,” say lead researcher Jia-Yi Dong and colleagues in their findings.

“Even a slight reduction in blood pressure may contribute to a considerable public health benefit from soy protein,” says the report.

It is soy protein with isoflavones that produce blood pressure reducing effects. Isoflavones naturally occur in soy and are retained when the protein is isolated using water to produce soy protein isolate.

nutriplus™ is a delicious protein powder available exclusively from QNET in India and Malaysia with soy protein isolate as its key ingredient.

Scientifically researched by Solae, the world leader in innovative soy based ingredients, nutriplus™ is a great-tasting, high quality, 100% vegetarian source of protein from soy.

Give your heart a rest while boosting your body building protein levels with a delicious nutriplus™ shake. Choose from four flavours including a special kids formula from the QNET eStore.

Reference: Dong et al., (2011). Effect of soya protein on blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. The British Journal of Nutrition.

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