Our resident Personal Care Expert Sunny Shaper demonstrated the wonders of Physio Radiance to our Independent Representatives in three cities across Indonesia recently.

Watch the video for a full recap including expert advice from Sunny Shaper and first hand proof from committed QNET networkers in Indonesia who use and promote Physio Radiance every day.

In the video, Sunny Shaper says the session promoted a fuller understanding of all aspects of Physio Radiance and its patented negative hydrogen micro-encapsulation technology.

Participants speak warmly about their experience with Physio Radiance.

“I’ve been using Physio Radiance for one year; unbelievable! First of all, I have peace of mind about the ingredients. I checked each of the ingredients and found out what negative hydrogen, Fucoidan, Aquaxy and the other ingredients are. It makes me feel that I don’t need to worry and I can use it every day without thinking that I am overdoing it,” says Popi Mailani.

Sunny Shaper and the Physio Radiance team are planning more tours in future, so keep your ear to the ground.

Learn more about Physio Radiance, grab a pen and paper, cup of tea and watch this Phsyio Radiance video now.


Feel good about your skin? Tell Sunny.

Sunny Shaper, QNET Personal Care Expert







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