bloggerQNET’s Bloggers’ first posts for the year are bursting with wisdom, hope, happiness, inspiration and positivity. Read on, enjoy and learn!

Ranvir’s new post, Champions… Go, Get It offers solid and practical tips on overcoming your fears and pursuing your dreams. He cleverly intercuts his writing with some of today’s best motivational photo quotes.

Israa Garatli sets a happy tone for 2014 by listing down ways by which you can set your personal outlook to happy. Enjoy her post simply entitled 2014 Happy.

Shoumik De shares his thoughts on the present challenges direct selling companies in India are facing and his plan and commitment to be as strong as ever in building the QNET business in spite of it all. His new post is entitled They haven’t won yet and I haven’t lost yet.

Dr Malick Ndir, in his latest post, talks about the perks of designing your own dream vacation through a QVI Club membership, QVI Points and/or Q-breaks. Read The Step Beyond.

Dhara Purohit uses the hip new word YOLO… You Only Live Once… as the title of her new post in which she talks about the importance of embracing new opportunities to start afresh, visualising our goals for the new year and challenging ourselves to be better as networkers and as individuals.

Adama Traore’s mantra for this year is Take Action. He emphasises the importance of overcoming laziness that masquerades as excuses. Use Google Translate to read his post entitled Passer à l’Action ou Passer du Rêve à la Réalité.

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