Eight very lucky and very special ‘Rashid Stars’, the troupe of young performers from the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre  in Dubai, are currently having the time of their lives on a cultural exchange in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

During the exchange which started on 16 February and runs until 22 February, students from Rashid have made friends with students from Taarana, a school for children with special learning needs in Malaysia funded by QI Group’s Vijayaratnam Foundation.

The Rashid Centre is supported by QNET through our regional office in Dubai where there is a close relationship as part of QNET’s billion hearts goal and RYTHM initiatives.

At a press conference before the group left Dubai, QNET Regional Manager Khaled Diab said QNET had a soft spot for kids with special needs.

“We want to support these kids and help them nurture their natural talents and creativity. We are sponsoring them to have a one-of-a-kind discovery of Malaysia accompanied by their teachers and a nurse. This visit will provide a platform to interact with their counterparts in Taarana, QNET’s very own school for special children in Malaysia, showcase a special UAE dance, learn and enjoy a different culture throughout a diversified program with exciting activities and explorations,” said Khaled.


Rashid-Taarana-ExchangeUpon arrival in Malaysia, Taarana students welcomed their Emirati visitors with flowers!

Today, Taarana kids performed a classic rendition of the traditional Malaysian cultural dance. This was followed by Rashid Centre’s kids performing a traditional UAE dance.

Rashid and Taarana are discovering the power of cultural exchange to touch hearts!


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