QNET now offering SMC University Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration Information Technology (IT)

QNET now offers a new accelerated degree course in the eStore from SMC University. The online taught degree is called the Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration – Information Technology.

Did you know, if you put the entire world’s data produced in a year on CD and piled them on top of each other, the stack would stretch from Earth to the Moon five times (based on 2012 estimates). The Information Technology (IT) that allows people and business to understand data is constantly evolving to cope with its ever-increasing volume.

But IT for business is not only about machines and hardware; it’s also about the people that rely on it to deliver the products and services they offer.

With this new specialised degree, gain an essential foundation in business and the required skills in all aspects of Information Technology from network security and operating systems, algebra and statistics to eCommerce and computer forensics.

Accredited by SMC University, this degree is a standalone qualification or may be used as a study pathway to internationally accredited MBA study at SMC University.

For a limited time only, QNET is pleased to offer you this degree course at a special promo price. Offer ends Friday, 14 March 2014, 23:59 HKST.

The future is yours. Visit your eStore today.


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