The QNET sponsored “Rashid Stars” Cultural Exchange from Dubai all the way to the Taraana School in Malaysia has ended on high.

For the past week, a group of eight young performers with special needs from the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre had the time of their lives on a cultural exchange in Kuala Lumpur which included sessions with Taarana children in traditional Malaysian dance, a Dikir Barat presentation and an arts and craft session.

“We are confident their time at Taarana will be an inspiration and motivation for the children of Taarana to be the “Taarana Stars” of the future. It was a quality experience for the children and young people to come together in the spirit of international friendship,” said Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, the Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation.

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“We hope our friendship agreement with the Rashid Centre will help raise awareness of the potential of children with special needs. This initiative will undoubtedly provide the children with an opportunity to experience a new culture, new place and meet with new people,” she explained.

Meanwhile, QNET Executive Chairperson Ms Donna Imson said the company’s regional headquarters in the UAE had signed a friendship agreement last year with Rashid Centre to provide assistance in various ways.

“QNET has always had a soft-spot for children with special needs. We want to support them and help nurture their natural talents and creativity. We brought Rashid Stars here for a one-of-a kind discovery of Malaysia, especially to interact with their counterparts at Taarana.

The QNET-Rashid Centre collaboration is a special student exchange program that is in line with QNET’s “Touching a Billion Hearts” campaign which is dedicated to educating, inspiring and working with others to create a brighter future for those in need,” noted Ms Donna.

About Taarana School

Taarana School was established by QI Group’s Vijayaratnam Foundation in 2011 to cater for children with special learning needs. It aims to provide quality educational facilities for those aged between three and 15 suffering from delayed development in academic, social and adaptive skills, also known as Mild Intellectual Disability (MID). To learn more about Taraana School, please visit http://www.taarana.org.my/