From tomorrow you will see some super changes in the QNET eStore, most notably instead of two there will now be only one eStore to rule them all!

Here is an FAQ with some of your burning question about what’s changing. Take a look.


Q1 What happened to the Qualify and Repeat eStore?

A –The Qualify and Repeat eStores are now merged into one combined eStore, making it easier and more convenient to view and buy qualifying and repeat purchase products at the same time.


Q2 Will the new eStore contains the same products from both the Qualify and Repeat eStores?

A – Yes, all of your favourite products are still there.


Q3 Can I see all products with a specific number of Repeat Sales Points (RSP)?

A – Yes, the new search function allows you to search for products by RSP, BV, name or brand. Select RSP from the search criteria and use the slider to set the desired RSP value and click Search.


Q4 How do I know if a product attracts RSP?

A – All repeat purchase products show an orange RSP box with their RSP value underneath the grey BV box. .


Q5 What does Delivery Mode mean?

A – This refers to the mode of delivery e.g. Pick up, Shipping and Pick up and Shipping.


Q6 What does Brand mean?

A – Brand refers to the name of the product lines in each Product Category  Cimier, Amezcua and HomePure are all brand names.  These are mostly found at the top of the eStore.


Q7 Can I purchase qualifying and repeat products at the same time?

A – Yes and by purchasing qualifying and repeat products in one transaction you will save money on shipping and handling.


Q8 How do I select the frequency of a repeat purchase?

A – The frequency selection is made in your shopping Cart before you check out. Note: Not all products allow you to establish a repeat frequency.


Q9 Where do I redeem eVouchers now?

A – To redeem eVouchers, click Redeem” directly in your Virtual Office dashboard next to “Shop”.


Q10 How do I use the search function?

A – Select the type of search (Product Name, Brand, Price, BV RSP or Delivery Mode) to find desired products within each Category.


Q11 Can I select multiple products from different product categories?

A – Yes, you can now add products to your shopping cart from different product categories by checking Add to Cart under each product as you move to other product categories.


Q12 How do I change the quantity of the products?

A – You may edit it in the quantity textbox directly and the system will re-compute and display the updated amount based on the products quantities


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