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برجاء رؤية الإعلان في مكتبك الإفتراضي الVO لقراءة هذا المقال باللغة العربية



We are making your QNET shopping experience even better with NEW eStore enhancements that combine your Qualify and Repeat eStores into one super store!

Starting 1 March 2014, click “Shop” in your Virtual Office and immediately see all QNET products, including repeat products that come with Repeat Sales Points (RSP), essential for Rank Advancement.

What’s more, when you buy repeat products and qualifying products together, you will pay only one shipping and handling fee, which means you’ll save money!

QNET-eStore-RSP-ScreenshotMeanwhile, to redeem eVouchers, click “Redeem” directly in your Virtual Office dashboard next to “Shop”.

Last but not least, hunting for the perfect QNET product gets easier with a new search feature, allowing you to look for products by name, brand or even by BV or RSP (top-right of screen-shot).

Check out the new combined QNET eStore in the screenshot (pictured). You will notice that the product categories move to the left and the RSP value of the repeat products are in yellow.

The eStore improvements are in addition to significant enhancements to the QNET Compensation Plan coming into effect from 1 March. For more information see the announcement in the Virtual Office.