QNET gives you, our retail customer, the opportunity to own fantastic products for a better life; but poor salesmanship, unethical practices or scams could get between you and your purchase.

Here are five quick consumer tips to avoid inconvenience when buying or enrolling with a QNET Independent Representative.

1. Complete the transaction online

The cost of your goodies is payable to QNET, so don’t leave money with your Independent Representative (IR) and make sure your transaction is finished online.

Your referring IR should complete the transaction online in front of you. Alternatively, they could give you their Referrer’s ID and assist you to finalise the online transaction yourself.

Stumbled upon QNET online and fell in love with our products? No worries! You can still make your purchases online without a referrer ID.*

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2. Get the receipt number

We don’t have receipt books or cash registers but we do display a receipt number on screen when your order is completed in the eStore. This number is your assurance that the transaction is finished, so be sure to take a note of it.

3. Read the terms and conditions

When buying a product there are terms and conditions that explain details such as the returns policy and how long you have to cancel your order if you change your mind. If enrolling, read the Policies and Procedures in full and at length. This document provides important information about becoming an Independent Representative, some of which the person who referred you may not have mentioned.

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4. Understand the steps

At the time of buying, seek to understand all the steps of the process relating to your purchase. Some products demand additional steps after purchasing. For example online services, such as a Swiss eLearning Institute course, typically require activation before you can start enjoying them.

5. Know what you are buying

It’s no fun buying a product simply to avail yourself of the opportunity to become an Independent Representative. That’s not what QNET is about, we sell life enhancing products to make your life better. So buy something that will enhance your life. If you choose to pursue a future as an Independent Representative, this experience will benefit you in finding success.

QNET’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics prohibit unethical behavior and require all Independent Representatives behave truthfully and fairly. And at the same time, we encourage you, our customers and prospective Independent Representatives to be naturally vigilant consumers.

Now, get stuck in and love QNET!

*Retail purchase without referrer ID option is available in most countries, and coming soon in Malaysia, the Philippines and Turkey eStore.