The way you enrol is getting easier. UAE and the United Kingdom will be first to pilot our new and improved sign-up process! More countries to follow, keep an eye on your Virtual Office for a specific announcement for your region.

Find out more about the enrolment revamp, Faster Smoother Enrolment for you and your Prospect. Here is an FAQ for people using the new process.


Q.  I entered the wrong IR ID number when I clicked Verify Referrer, what do I do?

A.  Click Cancel at the bottom of the Enrolment Information form (Step 1: Referrer & Personal Details) and enter the correct IR ID number.


Q.  I cannot find the nationality and other details in the enrolment form.

A.  To speed up the initial enrolment, some personal details such as nationality are now entered via your Virtual Office later. After initial enrolment, you can start shopping for virtual or non-physical products immediately. However, these additional details, like your delivery address and nationality, are required before you can shop for physical products. We will prompt you to enter these details when you sign in to your Virtual Office and at the eStore Checkout.


Q. Is the address I enter during enrolment used as my delivery address?

A. No, this is only your residential address and is all that we require so you can purchase virtual or non-physical products from the eStore. We will prompt you to enter your shipping address and other details when you first log in to your Virtual Office or in your Shopping Cart so you proceed to Checkout and purchase physical products.


Q. How can I add another contact number to my profile?

A.  In the footer of your Virtual Office select MY PROFILE > Profile Update and enter an additional contact number here.


Q.  I was not asked to register my Q Account PIN, how do I do this?

A.  This is no longer part of your initial enrolment. Instead, you will be asked to pick a Q Account PIN after being prompted to complete the final details of your enrolment when you log in to your Virtual Office.


Q. I have yet to complete the enrolment process, can I still buy a product?

A.  You may purchase a virtual or non-physical product without completing the final part of the enrolment in your Virtual Office. However for physical products you need to complete the enrolment process in full. We will prompt you to complete full enrolment when you log in to your Virtual Office or before you check out your Shopping Cart in the eStore.


Q.  How do I complete enrolment?

A.  Complete enrolment in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Click the Virtual Office icon at the base of your enrolment receipt
  2. Follow the prompt when you next log in to your Virtual Office
  3. Follow the prompt before you check out your Shopping Cart in the eStore.


Q.  I cannot proceed to Checkout, I’m prompted instead to click on a link.

A.  This is because we require more information before you can purchase a physical product. Follow the link to complete the required information. You will be returned to your Shopping Cart afterwards.


Q.  What do I need to complete enrolment?

A.  When you log in to your Virtual Office you will be prompted to complete your enrolment. You will be asked to fill in additional personal details including your shipping address and Q Account PIN.