In celebration of Women’s Day earlier this month, QNET staff in Thailand got together in the early hours of Saturday, 15 March 2014, and set out to the Thanyaburi Home for Women on the outskirts of Bangkok. Neither the traffic nor the distance nor the heat of the start of Bangkok’s summer could deter the them.​

​The Thanyaburi Home for Women helps women who are homeless or have a life restricting disability; giving shelter, basic necessities and companionship.


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QNET staff visited these ladies and spent half the day with them. After a round of cheerful self-introduction and greetings, the participants had an activity where they made small camphor bags they could use to freshen up a room or closet. Not only were these bags useful, they also presented an opportunity for the enterprising women among them to earn a little extra income!

Once the serious activities were done, it was time to entertain. The QNET band of heroes got up on a make-do stage and belted out song after song with their impressive voices. Not long after, both the ladies and staff joined in on an epic dance-off!

After shedding a lot of sweat, they all sat back, relaxed, and dug in on a delicious veggie lunch—served by staff including QNET Managing Director Mr JR Mayer and assisted by Head of Marketing Trevor Kuna, both of whom had a warm chat with many of the amazing women.

After lunch, hearty goodbyes were made all around and the staff set off on the long ride back into the city.


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