If you need a little motivation to get your Swiss eLearning Institute course squared off, then here it is! V-Malaysia 2014 is coming and you have until 15 April to register for the Swiss eLearning Institute Certificate Ceremony.

If you have already completed your course, register now!

What good is it if you don’t celebrate and take a moment to acknowledge your achievements? Now is the time to do just that.

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The Swiss eLearning Institute Certificate Ceremony is part of the atmosphere and excitement of V-Con. As a recipient you will be invited on stage in front of thousands to be personally handed your Certificate of Completion by a QNET VIP.

If you are still finishing your course, get it done and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity for exposure at V-Con.

All students and former students who’ve completed a Swiss eLearning Institute course (and haven’t previously received a Certificate on stage) are invited to register.

Register by sending an email to before 15 April 2014 and attaching the emailed certificate you received upon completing the course.


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