Last year, QNET successfully brought online our second and most advanced data centre ever.

As our network grows and sells more and more QNET products, we’ve had to invest in our systems to cope with the increased number of transactions in the QNET eStore.

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The new data centre considerably upgrades the reliability and security of our eCommerce platform, which means a better service to you as well as piece of mind that your personal information is safe and secure.

The huge project, which involved two years of planning and development, introduced three layers of security to protect against threats such as denial of service attacks and to provide the scalability, security and fault tolerance necessary for QNET’s enterprise level platform.

Our IT team is committed to building the QNET values of service and integrity into their services.

As a result of this commitment, our online data management bares the TRUSTe privacy seal. TRUSTe certification is a signal to you that we safeguard all personal information and value your online privacy.

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