Shop_VCON14_QBuzz It’s one month until #VCON14! Less than 5 weeks to go and here is 5 reasons to do heaps of shopping for QNET products in Malaysia, 8 -12 May.

1. Pay no Shipping and Handling 

Since you’ll be picking up your shopping from the Pick-Up Counter and taking your goodies home with you, there’s zero shopping and handling fees so you will, in some cases, save over USD 100!

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2. Talk to Product Experts and Ambassadors

QNET product experts and ambassadors will put their best foot forward to show-off their products. Spending time shopping in the QNET pavilion is how you will learn to become the product of your products, as QNET Executive Chairperson Donna Imson always says.

3. Try before you buy!

Toucha and feel the products. The QNET pavilion is one of the few times you can try-out a QNET product before you decide to buy it.

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4. Be first to own new products

Many new products are set to be unveiled at V Malaysia 2014. No one back home will have seen these products and some may not even be available in your eStore yet. Be an early adopter of the newest editions to the QNET product family.

5. Save with V-Con combos and promos

Not only can you save on Shipping and Handling, there are also plenty of deals and promos at V-Con that you will not see in your regular eStore!

So leave home with plenty of empty space in your suitcase(s) and prepare for a shopping extravaganza in the QNET pavilion this V-Con.


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