QNET’s Titanium Metal Treatment with Zero Friction Technology™ is a premium-grade engine oil additive for cars, motorbikes, lorries, buses, lawn mowers, tractors and basically any combustion machinery. Available in the world and Malaysia QNET eStores, Titanium Metal Treatment is a revolutionary oil additive that blends into your existing lubricant to penetrate into the micropores of your engine. A tough low friction shield is formed to withstand up to 5 times more weight and friction than other high performance lubricants and oil treatments. 6 Amazing benefits

  • Improves engine performance and prolongs engine life
  • Ensures smoother engine start-up
  • Increases acceleration up to 5 times
  • Improves fuel economy up to 30%
  • Keeps engine cooler, smoother and quieter up to 15%
  • Keeps engine oil clean and extends engine oil change up to 5,000 km

Titanium Metal Treatment is compatible with all types of oil, greases and other lubricants. It may be added at any time without affecting the lubricant already used, provided the lubricant does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

Engine Protection

If you want to take good care of your car and save on gas, you need Titanium Metal Treatment. A study has concluded that at least one third of a car’s fuel consumption is used in overcoming friction. Friction loss has direct impact on both fuel consumption and as a result, air emissions. According to this expert article from the automotive portal of Discovery Communications: “The modern internal combustion engine has dozens of moving parts. Those parts rub against each other, creating tremendous heat friction that can damage the engine. Oil could be considered the “blood” of your engine. It keeps all the engine’s moving metal parts properly lubricated, and prevents them from grinding together and being damaged by friction. Friction results in heat generated by two surfaces moving against each other. And too much friction can cause damage to either surface. One researcher has devised a way to reduce engine friction by more than half. Dr Guojun Liu, a Chemistry professor at Queen’s University, used nanotechnology to develop motor oils with polymer particles that can cut friction by 55 percent.” Titanium Metal Treatment uses the same nanotechnology that reduces friction by more than half! Visit the QNET Malaysia eStore now, your engine will thank you for it.